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Thursday 28 March – Monday 1 April 2013
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Freeform Pico and Pico Plus
The world's first affordable high resolution 3D printer

The Freeform Pico is the world's newest 3D printing technology, packed with features which improve reliability and performance. The Pico is based on our patent pending "sliding separation" process, which results in minimal force being applied to the model during the fabrication process. This results in fewer and finer support structures and better dimensional tolerances.


The Pico is the first 3D printer of its kind to use a solid state UV LED light source. The LED lifetime is up to 50,000 hours and is not classed as a consumable, unlike other systems. The result is consistent curing from layer to layer, day after day, year after year. UV light allows broader materials choices, such as water-clear and pure white materials.

The Pico now has an improved resolution of 39 micron pixel size with a build envelope of 40 x 30mm (X and Y), and a build height of 75mm (Z). With the ability to grow parts in 1 micron increments in Z, the Pico is ideal for high resolution applications such as dental, jewelry and hearing. When building at 50 micron layers, the Pico achieves a build speed of approximately 6mm p/hr.

The Pico Plus is the latest addition to the Pico range. With 33% more pixels and options for larger build envelopes and finer resolutions down to 27 micron pixels, the Pico Plus is designed for extreme resolution applications.

The Pico is also the world's most compact professional 3D printer. The footprint is a mere 220 x 225mm and it stands only 505mm tall. With a weight of only 10kg, portability is not a problem. Shutdown, unplug, pick-up & move.

For demanding applications where reliability, high-resolution and low cost of ownership are crucial, the Freeform Pico and Pico Plus are the perfect choice.



Asiga Pico 3D printers are compatible with all CAD packages capable of exporting STL file format, including 3Design CAD.

3Design CAD is the only parametric, solid modeling CAD application specifically designed for use in the jewelery industry. 3Design exports perfect, water tight solid STL models ready for direct 3D printing without the need for additional software to fix STL files.

Read more about 3Design here...

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Pico Plus39

Pico Plus33

Pico Plus 27

Build Size X,Y,Z

40 x 30 x 75mm

50 x 31.2 x 75mm

42.5 x 26.5 x 75mm

35 x 21.8 x 75mm

Pixel Size X,y

39 microns

39 microns

33 microns

27 microns

Accuracy Z

Arbitrary in 1 micron increments

Light Source


File Input


Machine Size

220 X 225 X 505 mm

Packaged Size

350 x 350 x 650mm

Shipping Weight

15 Kg


110 ~ 240V (50~60 Hz) 10A MAX


Asiga Composer Included

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